FEATURE: HerAgenda #PowerHour on Diversity in the Workplace

Photo Via:  HerAgenda

Photo Via: HerAgenda

In November 2016 I was the featured guest for the HerAgenda #PowerHour chat. Where I discussed Why its Important to Actively Hire Diverse Talent. Here are a few highlights:

On the steps that millennial women of color must take in order to better position themselves in work environments:

“The best way women of color can advance in the workplace is to find an ally that is already within the inner circle of authority that can champion you to make you and your work visible to the right people.  By purposely networking within your organization and at minority and non minority conferences and events so that when opportunity comes your name comes to mind.”

The biggest lesson she has learned personally as she has grown in her profession:

“You will sabotage the reality of your own success trying to keep up with others’ carefully curated social media reality. Keep your integrity, always work hard don’t get discouraged when the course changes. What’s yours is yours and will come in due time.”

Thank you to Chasity Cooper for inviting me and hosting an incredible chat!

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