The Terrifying Parts of NC HB2 They Don't Want You to Notice

In an emergency session held in the cover of a dark North Carolina night, the state legislature did more than tell you which bathrooms to use.

Did you know HB2 limits the ability to file an employment discrimination claim based on AGE, NATIONAL ORIGIN, HANDICAP, or RELIGION? 

Did you know HB2 prevents the localities from enforcing increases in minimum wage at private businesses as well as paid sick leave?  

Did you know this went from being a Bill to a Law in less than 24hrs? If you are unaware of the normally LENGTHY process of a bill becoming a law, let's take a jog down memory lane to school house rock:

Literally less than 24hrs HB2 was filed, added to the calendar, amended, voted on, and ratified....

If your ability to call out sick, provide for your family, and seek redress for wrongful termination being taken away in less that 24hrs is not terrifying I'm not sure what is. The fact that the decisions made by the people it serves can be negated in the cover of night by the state legislature is terrifying.  

So not only is HB2 blatantly discriminatory to the Transgender community but it also blatantly tears at the very fabric of American democracy. If the will of voters can be overturned at the whim of those at the highest levels of power then what purpose will local elections serve? If state legislatures provide no protections to those employed by the private enterprises that bring millions of dollars to their states then what incentive will businesses have to do right? What incentive will talent have to take jobs in states like North Carolina?

Other things you may not know about HB2 via the Charlotte Observer



Shay is an attorney and diversity & inclusion consultant. A featured TEDx Salon speaker on the topic of diversity and inclusion, she has engaged with Fortune listed, non-profit, and government agencies to create lasting strategies to attract, train, and retain diverse talent.

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