Tired of Hiding....A Candid Discussion on Mental Health and Suicide

This post is personal...

In May I connected with my good friend Paula Yost who is a fellow attorney and also holds her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to have a candid discussion about mental health and suicide. 

As I mentioned above, we taped this episode in May. Honestly, the beginning of May.

This is August. So while yes, I was living life including repairing my teeth from a hard fall that completely knocked them out, moving across country, competing in a fitness competition, and rebuilding my business after spending almost two years away from my brand in corporate America...I was also avoiding the editing process.

I cannot count how many times I opened iMovie to edit and made little to no progress. Even in preparation for the show and creating the discussion outline with Paula I could not help but try to quietly muffle my tears and try to hide my breaking voice as we discussed the guilt and blame often associated with losing someone to suicide that I too closely associated with myself and my close circle of friends.

But at what point do you buckle down and address the tough and ugly?

At what point do we stop dismissing, praying away, and stigmatizing millions of people who are just as capable intelligent and amazing as those who don't suffer from mental illness?

At what point do we provide resources and medication as openly for mental health as we do for obesity, asthma, and diabetes?

At what point will we get tired of hiding?

Well today was that day for me..and I hope today, whatever day you are reading this, is the day for you to help yourself or your loved one with the resources, advice and tools from today's episode of The Grind.

Thank you again to Paula for so willingly and transparently sharing her personal story as well as her professional knowledge.

The Grind Ep. 9 - 29minutes total 

6:45min - Supporting a partner with bipolar
7:50min - Revealing mental illness to a romantic interest
11:30min - The difference between committing & completing suicide
13:13min - Suicide survivors
13:23min - The connection between mental illness & suicide
15:45min - Why dismissing depression as a bad day is dangerous
17:48min - Family history that increases chances of attempting suicide
18:30min - What to say when someone is suicidal
19:36min - Murder Suicide
20:00min- Calling for Help
20:45min - Grief Support Resources for Suicide Survivors
24:24min - Dealing with feelings of Guilt & Blame after Losing a loved one to suicide
26:05min - National suicide resources

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