What nobody tells you about starting your own business...you might want to grab a drink

As a contract attorney I strive to get my clients the best deal and protect their interests the best I can each and every time I am presented with a contract. However, sometimes that is hard to do when the basic foundation of their business is in shambles, incorrectly done, or non-existent.

So I've become really passionate about providing the resources and tools to help small business owners legally launch and protect themselves.

But...before you launch here are three things you might want to consider.

1. You Don't Necessarily Need to Start an LLC

It seems that whenever people talk about launching their own business they immediately think they need to rush to open an LLC. This couldn't be further from the truth. So while an LLC may be a great business structure for the tax treatment and risk protection it may not be the best for where your business is right now especially if you are an individual freelancer or completely unsure of the products or services your business is going to provide.

2. You Need More than An LLC

Hear me out...I'm not saying you necessarily need an LLC (please re-read #1) but no matter what type of business you open whether its a sole proprietorship, LLC, LLP, S-Corp you need more to be able to legally conduct business. Depending on where you live you need licenses and permits depending on your line of business, not to mention trademarks, trade name registration, and obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the IRS even if your only LLC employee is you. 

Let me walk you through this process and make sure you're covered!

3. You Need Basic Contracts BEFORE You Start to Do Business

Yes this circles back to contracts because I CANNOT help you if you first do not have your business setup properly and then I really can't help you if you never had an contract in place that covered your exact services, refund policy, etc. Even just a basic services agreement template that you can edit and reuse is better than nothing at all. You would rather spend money now to properly protect your business than spend twice as much later for a lawyer to chase down a non-paying client, a content thief, or defend a lawsuit.

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