It is easier to look like you have it together than actually have it together. As entrepreneurs we often get caught up in the everyday of running our business and handling clients that we over look minor details that could land your business in major trouble.

If you can't answer these 5 questions then you might just look like your business is together rather than actually have it together:

1. Do you have a privacy policy that is specific for your site?

Anytime you are collecting someone's email address or using analytics to track visitors on your site you are required by law to have a privacy policy. Did you know you could get banned from FB ads and Amazon affiliates without a privacy policy? Did you also know that mail-chimp, constant contact, and almost all mail services require a privacy policy? 

A generic template you copied off or another site is not good enough. You need to have a privacy policy that is in plain language and specific to your site. Trust me...ZAPPOS got sued for thinking they were good with a template too.

2. Do you have a terms of use that covers the content on your site?

A terms of use puts visitors to your site on notice about how they can and cannot use the content, pictures, and other items on your site like downloadables. It tells people that by coming to my site you agree to abide by these rules or else I will enforce my legal rights (i.e. copyrights) against you if you steal my stuff.

What is the point of having that tiny copyright at the bottom if you don't tell people how they can share your content?

3. Whats your return policy?

It seems like webinars and info-products are all the rage. But what is your return policy once someone takes a course or downloads your product and hates it? We all know that bad news travels way faster than good news. CYA and have your return policy CLEARLY STATED on your sales pages that has the correct language terms and conditions that are specific to your products/services.


4. Do you have a disclaimer for any advice posts, testimonials, or products?

A disclaimer is going to be your best friend in enforcing your refund policy. This is especially true if you used client testimonials when selling your products. You want to make clear that you cannot guarantee and specific outcome, profit, or result....I shouldn't have to say it again but I will...THIS NEEDS TO BE SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS AND NOT A COPY & PASTE.

5. Is your content registered with the copyright office? Products trademarked?

People only steal things of value to attempt either boost their brand or to make money themselves. It is almost impossible to prove the exact profits someone made off of copying your content but if it is properly registered with the US Copyright office you can get an automatic statutory award without proving specific profits. So don't just put up a copyright notice and never register your work. I know the process can seem daunting but it is well worth it to have your ducks in a row when someone steals your stuff.

If you struggled through and one of these questions stop risking your business and have an audit done. 

Taking the time to do a complete audit of your company could not only help you better protect your business but actually help you make more money. 

    Schedule an audit of your business today. Let me help you protect your brand and your pockets by walking through every side of your business to make sure you are completely covered.