COMMUNITY IMPACT: New Texas Law Will Impact Millions of Harvey Victims



Could leave millions left with nothing to rebuild...

If you or someone you know has gotten damage to your home because of Hurricane Harvey or the floods you must FILE YOUR CLAIM WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY IN WRITING BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1ST. Please note a call may not be sufficient, while having a written claim will provide proof of notice prior to September 1st.

The Governor of Texas signed into law House Bill 1774 that will significantly impact homeowners and allow insurance companies to deny claims based on damage from "forces of nature" including HURRICANES AND RAIN STORMS like those produced by Hurricane Harvey for minor reasons. 

This law goes into effect SEPTEMBER 1ST which is why it is important to have written evidence you filed BEFORE September 1st. More details on the law can be found here via the insurance journal:…/sou…/2017/05/17/451407.htm

Although taking the time to file a written claim understandably is the last thing on a storm victim's mind in the midst of disaster; having access to funds from insurance policies will be the only way many rebuild a life. 

**I am an attorney licensed in Georgia only. This post is for information purposes only. This post is not legal advice a substitute for individual legal advice nor does it create an attorney client relationship with its audience**