COMMENTARY: 'At What Point Will We Value Black Women More Than Entertainment'

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Many thanks to Essence for allowing me to share my thoughts on the ongoing silencing of Black survivors of abuse. From the nasty comments posted in blogs about my client, Kitti Jones, and on others about Lupita Nyong'o, extending to the blind eye our sisters, aunts, nieces, and coworkers receive from authorities and family when reporting abuse.

The cycle doesn't stop with victims learning to protect themselves the cycle stops when abuse stops period.

I find it important to acknowledge Brittany Packnett whose article in The Cut appearing in July perfectly framed the statistics behind Black silence answering "Why Now" and framing bluntly that our decisions as consumers are literally funding the silence of our Black women. I cited her in my original submission but the link did not appear in the published version and her article is well worth the read so please find it here:…/r-kelly-young-black-women-abuse-al…

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