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Client News: Emmy Nomination x Surviving R. Kelly

Kitti Jones Emmy Nomination

Congratulations to the entire team of Lifetime Surviving R Kelly on your Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Informational Series!

Standing beside my client Kitti Jones and watching her incredible strength and courage to tell her story along with each of these women despite the naysayers and bumps in the road has been so amazing, inspiring, and life changing experience as a her lawyer, as a woman, as a black woman.

Thank you Lifetime for your care in telling their stories. Thank you television Academy for acknowledging the power and value in the telling of black stories.

#tellblackstories #emmyawards

Rolling Stone x Arrest of R. Kelly

ROLLING STONE reached out about today’s charges. I shared my opinion from a legal stand point quoted below:

“Although long over due I am pleased that authorities have finally stepped up to the plate and done a thorough investigation. But I want the public to keep in mind from a legal standpoint this is just the beginning. The real fight is in front of us. We've been here before with R Kelly and he walked away a free man. So I'm putting my hope that this time will be different, that this is the beginning of the process that brings an actual conviction and justice for survivors like my client Kitti and the families waiting to be reunited with their daughters.”

Mind Your Business Podcast Interview

Mind Your Business Podcast Interview

Had the chance to chat with the guys of the Mind Your Business Podcast:

R. Kelly vs Other Celebrity Men Dating Younger Women
Legal Tips for Interviewing 
Publishing Royalties
Work for Hire Agreements
Behind the Scenes Scoop on the 2018 and 2019 Grammy Awards Parties
Shows MTV Needs to Bring Back

...it's well worth the listen..plug in and enjoy!

CLIENT NEWS: TODAY Show x Kitti Jones

CLIENT NEWS: TODAY Show x Kitti Jones

Client Kitti Jones was recently featured on the TODAY show with Megyn Kelly detailing her experiences of domestic abuse, starvation, and survival with singer R. Kelly. If you haven't read Kitti's book "I Was Somebody Before This." please take a moment to watch this short clip, her story of survival and strength really give perspective to what you have been hearing in the news.

MEDIA MENTION: Rolling Stone on #TimesUp for R. Kelly

MEDIA MENTION: Rolling Stone on #TimesUp for R. Kelly

I was mentioned by RollingStone.com after Times Up officially launched a campaign joining forces with the #MuteRKelly movement to demand industry action and consumer activism against the R&B singer who has yet to face repercussions despite decades worth of evidence and countless survivors including client Kitti Jones detailing the abuse, starvation, and sexual assault at the hands of Kelly. I am a proud member of Times Up and applaud their Women of Color working group for putting R Kelly at the top of their action list. 

Kelly's team responded to the campaign comparing the efforts to a public lynching of a black man of which Rollings Stone cover the opinion of myself, Ms. Jones, and others. Find out my thoughts and read the full article here:

COMMENTARY: 'At What Point Will We Value Black Women More Than Entertainment'

COMMENTARY:  'At What Point Will We Value Black Women More Than Entertainment'

Many thanks to Essence for allowing me to share my thoughts on the ongoing silencing of Black survivors of abuse. From the nasty comments posted in blogs about my client, Kitti Jones, and on others about Lupita Nyong'o, extending to the blind eye our sisters, aunts, nieces, and coworkers receive from authorities and family when reporting abuse.


CLIENT NEWS: Kitti Jones Profiled by Rolling Stone Magazine

CLIENT NEWS: Kitti Jones Profiled by Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone sat down with my client Kitti Jones and released an indepth profile of her harrowing experience with R&B singer R. Kelly. 

I want to commend Kitti for her bravery in stepping forward and no longer protecting her abuser by staying silent. I want to also sincerely thank Jason Newman and the staff at Rolling Stone for the care and depth they took to highlight my client's experience.

Her is experience is only unique in that it involves a celebrity. We all saw the #MeToo hashtags litter our timelines. Thousands experience physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse everyday.